3 tips to mastering your TIME

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.” – Henry Ford

I wrote an earlier blog post “3 Things to master for freedom” and one of the things I listed was time mastery. Today I came across this quote from Henry Ford and decided I would touch on ways to effectively manage your time. Here are 3 tips on effectively managing your time.

1. Prioritize how your time is spent. Depending on your priorities you want to make sure each day of each week you have time spend with each priority and that you clearly recognize when your priorities are starting to loose their importance. Priorities are dependant on your different stages in life and hopefully you have a clear understanding about what is important to you.  When you understand this you can schedule in time for what is most important. Time is something you have to learn to start making, you will never “find” it.  For me it includes taking care of my health, spirituality, family and friends, and business.

2.Keep track of your time by scheduling what is important and requires attention first thing in the morning, the night, or even week before. The best way to keep track is using a system. I have experiemented with using both a paper calander and my blackberry and prefer the physical writing down and looking at my schedule, but do what best suits your needs. As you make commitments be sure to put them in your system and cross off the amount of time needed in each area. Once you have down what you have already committed you will then be able to schedule in the time you need to ensure your priorities are taken care of and you can complete the other tasks.

3. Write a to do list each morning, and as the day goes on and you complete what you had set out to do cross if off the list. The endorphines released with that “feel good” feeling of completing a task will motivate you to keep pushing forward to complete even the most daunting task. This will also help keep you on track during the day and making sure the most important tasks are accomplished.

Please share this with your friends and if you have any tips on how you’ve mastered your time share them with us 🙂


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Networking 101: Use F.O.R.M

Check out my new video, Networking 101: Use F.O.R.M. When at a networking event and using F.O.R.M – finding out about your prospects family, occupation, recreation and motivation – you will be able to learn more about who you are talking to and what they are missing in their life. By using this skill and learning more about what they are looking for you will be able to see where you may be able to offer them a solution and how you can potentially work together.


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Random Acts of Kindness

I’ve spent the past little while thinking about the new “trend” random acts of kindness. I’m not quite sure what has sparked this new trend but I am, and have been for a long time, a big believer in doing something kind for someone without needing recognition for your behaviour. Whether it is paying a compliment to someone you are passing on the street, picking up trash (my favorite kind to pick up is recycling… it pays you back if you return it :)) or paying for the coffee for the person behind you. A simple gesture will potentially enable you to change the way a strangers day ends, you may be the best thing that has happened to them. Doing it also lifts up your day in such a positive way! If you have yet to try it, I highly recommend!

Today I googled “random acts of kindness” and came across the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation; I have to say what a great idea. Here is a resource where you can get ideas, share your stories, browse quotes and so much more. As I was browsing I came across this quote:

“I think what’s important for kids to know is that your decisions here on earth
matter, your behavior matters and how you treat other people matters.” -Matt Damon; American actor

It made me think back to a day when my little sister and I went to a local Halifax Rainmen basketball game. It was St. Patty’s Day 2011 and after the game the people, and streets, were trashed. As we walked back to my car I picked up a few of the pieces of trash and my sister seemed embarassed at first. I had said to her that I am not “too good of a person” to pick up someones unnecessary trash off the streets of our beautiful city and put it where it belongs; it’s the small things that count.

Wouldn’t you know that within a few weeks she was telling me a story about how proud I would have been to see her walking down the street with her friends and she did this simple gesture of picking up someone elses trash. She was right, I was and am proud.

Here are a few questions to think about, and please share any stories you may have: Do you ever do random acts of kindness? How did the recipient respond? How did the act impact your mood throughout the rest of the day?

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“to me, FEARLESS is not the absence of fear. it’s not being completely unafraid. to me, FEARLESS is having fears. FEARLESS is
having doubts. lots of them. to me, FEARLESS is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.” – Taylor Swift

FEARLESS is defined differently by everyone and for me Taylor Swift’s lyrics hit that nail on the head. I would consider myself
FEARLESS now, after two years of learning who I wanted to be when I grow up – a journey I began to be POSITIVE that I will live a happy and fulfilling life. The two years dedicated to my personal development did more than enable me to become FEARLESS – it was a complete life overhaul that has led me on a path I never imagined.

For me my first FEARLESS decision was when, I walked into my 9-5 and gave my notice, choosing to run my business full time rather than the “security” of my job (less than a month after graduating.) Up next? When I chose to sublet my apartment for the follow month without making any plans on where I would be living. And now? I am going to road trip across Canada in August to spend time in a
city I’ve never been (Vancouver) with my business partners so I can continue this journey I am on — happiness.

Why Vancouver? I’ve travelled to the West Coast 5 times for different training opportunities in the past YEAR alone … why not make it a
place to stay for a few months, take advantage of the trainings I love (where I can drive a 3 or 4 hours to attend, over flying for 15+)  and connect with the people who live the lifestyle I like to live. Your circle of influence becomes your affluence.

So what’s next? Great question… I have no clue! I have 2 dates that I need to follow … August 20th for a wedding in Toronto, and
August 26th training in Portland, Oregon.   Until then I’ll continue this FEARLESS journey taking it day by day, no plans – just doing

What decisions have you made that you consider being FEARLESS?

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The Power of Thought

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Unknown

Is it really a wonder people who think and believe they are going to be success are? People who believe they will accummulate riches do? People who believe they will meet their soul mate and live a happy life together find that special person?

Many people do not understand that our thoughts are physical forces, and they attract whatever we bring about into our life. Have you ever thought someones name and within a few minutes they’ve called you? That is the universe working for you, to bring into your life what you want, expect and deserve.

While some people are born into the “good life” the majority of others out there create it. How do they do this? By believing they are worthy, monitoring their self talk and taking action they were able to get exactly what they chose in life. Guess what? YOU CAN TOO!

Society today is based on instant gratification. Rather than thinking we want to become rich and learning the habits of the rich, we believe we deserve to get it from a $5.00 lottery ticket. This winning ticket will give us everything we need to get out of the 9-5 work world and into the lifestyle they dream about. Did you know the majority of those who do win the lottery end up spending everything they’ve won within a few years? This puts them back to square one, sometimes even worse off.

The ones who have built their million dollar enterprise have developed skills and habits that successful people use. They spend their time learning about money, their hearts desires,  how to control their thoughts in order to bring into their world exactly what they want. They have patience and recognize that “good things come to those who wait.” That is infact true; being persistent in what you want and focusing you are able to get exactly what it is you desire.

Next time you are completing a task I challenge you to listen to how you are speaking to yourself. Are you motivating youself saying I can do it, I deserve success? OR are you spending your time beating yourself up? Once you recognize your thought patterns, and spend the time needed to make them more positive then you too will realize you can have everything you put your mind to.

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One (of my many) Ah Ha Moments

First I’d like to say Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians today!

I was inspired to write this blog post today to share with you the beginning of my journey. A few weeks ago made the decision to quit my J.O.B and focus full time on creating the life I am destined for. While I still maintained my healthy diet, took supplements and went to the chiropractor I noticed I was missing work outs, had less energy in the evening and was just not myself. Since my last day two weeks ago I am back to myself and things are rocking and rolling.

I had the luxury of helping my best “sister” friend Denise move, making a few importants calls while driving from one spot to the next but having the ability to accomplish all that needed to be done. I got to help a friend in need (which was an excellent experience…and the move was very smooth), was still being active lifting and moving boxes, and got some much needed business accomplished. What a day!

My ah ha moment was when I woke up today. One would think after a long and heavy day you may want to sleep in, relax, and start the day slowly. No thank you! I was up before my alarm went off and was at the gym. I then had the BEST and most focused work out I have had in MONTHS, kick starting my day in a beautiful way. I feel like a million dollars today and my body is showing no sign of being over worked yesterday.

The amazing ability for our bodies to repair and regenerate efficiently or to cause us agony astounds me. Each day we generate over 300 BILLION NEW cells and each cell is either more healthy, or more damaged than the one before it. With the proper nutrition, supplements and active lifestyle we are able to actually build HEALTHIER and better fuctioning bodies as we age, rather then become sickened with disease and discomfort. If you want to know more about the journey to a healthier you please contact me today!

I wish you all a happy and healthy long weekend! Stay safe

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3 Simple Steps to Change Your Life

I went to visit my chiropractor first thing this morning and while I was waiting I was reading “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. When Dr. Brad came in he remembered that he had mentioned he would lend me the book “It Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!” by author RHJ and promptly went into his back office to get it for me. While walking home I decided to stop into the Public Gardens, a beautiful local park in Halifax. I sat on a bench by one of the fountains and began reading the book. Boy, am I glad I did! I read through the book twice before getting up to head home again (it is about 30 pages long, and is quite small, only taking me about 10 minutes each read from front to back.)

The book lays out a plan consisting of THREE simple steps that can be implemented by ANYONE that will give them the ability to bring ANYTHING they would like into their life. The three steps are:

1) Write down (in as much detail as possible) exactly what you WANT. Houses, monetary amounts, cars, relationships, anything you truly want in your life. Put a date down as to when you would like to have it by. Your list will be growing and changing regularly, be sure to update it as needed. Add to it, cross things off as you get them; keep your list current. Prioritize your wants in order of importance to you.

2) Read your list THREE times a day: morning, noon and night. Think about the objects as much as you can, and look at them in a light that you already own them. If you would like to speed up the process it has been said that rewriting the list each day will help.

3) Do not tell ANYONE about what you want until you physically own it.

By following each of these three simple steps thousands of people have had the ability to get exactly what they want in their life. I encourage you now to get out a pen and paper and start forming your list. I promise you that once you start seeing your wants become your reality you will be forever thankful you started practicing this technique.

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